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Cannot regulate velocity of AKD controlled by cRIO through Interactive Test Panel (LabVIEW)

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Dear all,

I am trying to control the AKM32H‐ ANCNC‐00 motor with the AKD P00606 NAAN 0000 servo drive from Kollmorgen. I am using CRIO 9074 controller and NI 9516 as drive interface module.

I have created a LabVIEW Project (LabVIEW 2018) and have add an NI Softmotion Axis. I have configured my C series modules using the Axis Configuration dialog box according to the “Getting Started with NI 9514/16 C Series Modules and AKD Servo Drives” guide of NI.

After that I configured the Drive in AKD Workbench also according to the guide and the characteristics of my motor (Torque Mode is used).

Then as instructed by the guide I went back on the interactive test panel in LabVIEW to test if the motor is working properly.

I have tried to test the motor both at relative and absolute motion at various target positions and move constraints.  The position error limit is set at 1000 Revolutions.

Whatever settings I choose for velocity in move constraints, I always get a velocity of 7-8 revs/sec. The profile complete status turns green when the set velocity reaches the target position but the motor continuous to spin until the position error limit is reached and it stops.

Changing the Gains through the Gain Tuning panel change nothing.

I have to note that several times I have to rotate the motor by hand to start.

The encoder works fine since I have tried manually to rotate the motor and the encoder signal I get on the Interactive test panel is accurate.

I also have to note that The Hardware Enable Signal is shown to be not enabled on Workbench even though the brown cable of X8 connector is connected to pin 4 as suggested in the installation guide. On the other hand the motor receives a signal to start from CRIO so I guess this is not an issue.

I am stuck for several days and would be extremely grateful if you could suggest me how to proceed from this point in order to manage to control the speed and to avoid getting this position error.

Please let me know if u need any extra information.

Kind Regards,



1 Answer

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We have an agreement with National Instruments that they provide technical support for cRIO controllers.

We have no experience with the setup, programming, or troubleshooting of CRIO controllers.

Your observation in Workbench doesn't make any sense to me. I've not seen a case where the HW enable indication in Workbench

is red but the motor can move. I recommend for Workbench and AKD drive related questions and issues you contact our office in Germany for technical support.





Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer Todd,
I thought that the HW is red on the workbench because it is actually enabled by CRIO through the 9516 module. However when I measure the x8/pin 4 of the driver with the voltmeter I measure 0V even when the motor is running(controlled using Labview) which is also strange or?
Thanks for the recommendation. I will try to come in contact with Kollmorgen in Germany.

George A - Thu, 02/25/2021 - 13:09

I don't know what version of Workbench you are using or what firmware is in the drive but if you look at the AKD Installation manual on pages 155 and 156 both sinking and sourcing wiring conventions are shown. Per the manual Pin 4 ( hardware enable ) will be referenced to Pin 3 (DCOM8 ). Also in Workbench if you look on the Enable/Disable screen while online you will see some AND gates and an OR gate. You'll see that if the HW enable is false the Power Stage should be OFF meaning the motor should not be able to run in this condition. You may want to take screenshots to share and/or arrange a web-based meeting when you contact Kollmorgen Germany in the morning.

toddevans01 - Thu, 02/25/2021 - 13:50

Thanks again Todd,
I am using workbench version and the firmware that is in the drive is M_01-08-00-003. I can see the AND and OR gates and since HW is disabled also the Power Stage is OFF, but as I said I can enable and run the motor through CRIO(not accurate though) without changing my wiring configuration.
Anyway I hope Kollmorgen in Germany will be able to help me on the matter.
Kind Regards,

George A - Sun, 02/28/2021 - 03:53
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