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Can you do blended moves or registration over Ethernet IP with the AKD?

The AKD_Move AOI is not designed for blended moves, i.e. start one move and blend into another. The block method will be required if blended moves are absolutely required for the application. This could also apply to a registration move application.

The block method by definition is by definition from the Ethernet IP manual:




The block method is where you create a chain of predefined motion tasks using Workbench and set one or more motion tasks to blend into the other. The AKD Ethernet IP Fieldbus Landing Page has a link where additional AOIs (AKD_Start_MotionTask & AKD_Set_Motion_Task ) can be downloaded and added to your project which intrinsically uses the block method and makes the programming more user-friendly. The AOIs allow you to create and change the moves over Ethernet IP from the PLC. The AKD_Start_MotionTask allows you to start the first motion task that will blend into the others. Typically in a registration application the first move starts the feed and on registration input the first move is canceled and the registration move begins. There is an application note on the KDN that covers the setup for an AKD-P drive for registration. This is not specific to Ethernet IP but to registration with the AKD-P drive in general.

In that zip file there are 2 AOIs:

  • One is for setting the motion task parameters if the predefined moves need to be created from the PLC or HMI ( i.e. recipes ).
  • The other is for pointing to the motion task number ( the first move to start the chain of blended moves ) and executing it.

For non-AB controllers that support Ethernet IP cyclic messaging, you will have to set the correct byte in the command assembly for setting the block number and use the control word to start the block.