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Can I do S-Curve Acceleration using AB PLC and AKD EtherNet/IP?


Is there a way to do S Curve Profiling over EtherNet/IP with the AKD ( i.e. from an Allen Bradley PLC ) based on there is a S-Curve option in the Motion Task tables. Is there a way to do this over EIP ( send the data table values, etc. )?

How can we take advantage of that feature using EIP as a fieldbus?


The short answer is this cannot be done using the motion tasking drive over Ethernet IP or Modbus TCP for that matter.

The AKD_Move add-on-instruction ( AOI ) has no built-in S-Curve feature or capability.

The only way to use S curve profiling in the AKD-P is to setup the S curve data table using Workbench.

If that is acceptable then an add-on instruction ( AOI ) has been created for starting a motion task using the motion task number.

This merely triggers the created motion task as opposed to the AKD_Move AOI which populates motion task 0 with position, velocity, accel, decel and relative/absolute data from the values in the AKD_Move AOI when the AOI is triggered.

This AOI can be downloaded at the following link on the KDN.

Another thought on this topic is that the KAS/PCMM/PDMM platform has s-curve and camming capabilities for non-linear profiling.

The PCMM and PDMM both support EtherNet/IP communications so the data for the profiling could be sent from the PLC to the PCMM or PDMM.

I would encourage you to discuss your application with your Kollmorgen supplier and review with our KAS support team is that is a viable option where the profiling is a must have in the application.