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Can the (AKD-xzzz07) drives operate on 230 Volt AC input? | 13 Feb 2014 | |

Can the (AKD-xzzz07) drives operate on 230 Volt AC input?



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Mark.Duckwitz said ...

Mark.Duckwitz |

Firmware version V01-05-00-000 and greater does allow the user to operate the AKD "07" version hardware on a 230 volt input. If you go to the "Power Screen" under "Settings" in Workbench the operating voltage can now be selected from a drop-down field. Make sure you are using the recommended Workbench with your firmware.

The parameter that you need to adjust to stop the warning 502: Bus Under Voltage is VBUS.UVWTHRESH.

If VBUS.VALUE value drops below VBUS.UVWTHRESH, then a warning is generated.

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