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Can an AKD Ethernet IP drive operate using a different command source other than Service?

We are often asked if an AKD-P-NBEI ( Ethernet IP ) drive can use step/dir (electronic gearing ) or analog as the command source and simply use Ethernet IP for

basic functionality like enable/disable, fault reset, and diagnostics.


If you are using our add-on-instructions note most add-on-instructions related to motion ( i.e. AKD_Home, AKD_Jog, AKD_Move ) require the DRV.CMDSOURCE to be “Service” the DRV.OPMODE to be “Position” ( the AKD_Jog AOI also works in Service Velocity mode ). The AKD_Torque_Move AOI is the only AOI that requires the DRV.CMDSOURCE to be "Fieldbus".


However AOIs like AKD_Enable, AKD_Disable, AKD_Fault_Reset, etc. are not command source or op mode dependent.


Therefore you could hypothetically have a manual mode where you are using the AKD_Jog AOI to jog+ or jog – in Service Position mode and then in auto-mode switch the command source to electronic gearing and control the drive via step/dir or a master encoder, etc.


There are some details about disabling the drive before switching the command source.



In the case of Electronic Gearing we do not have any add-on-instructions in our library specific to this mode of operation.

However, it is possible to write to the GEAR.IN or GEAR.OUT over Ethernet IP if the electronic gear ratio needs to change from the PLC.


The standard cyclic data is available as well as the dynamically mapped parameters over Ethernet/IP regardless of command source.