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Biss encoder failure

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My customers have had a string of BISS encoder failures lately. I fear there will be many more as these just dont see as rugged as needed.
Is there an encoder I can replace the BISS feedback device with  that will stand up to vibration.
I need something I can field replace.

Is there any data on BISS failures and how they may be avoided ?

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None of our motors have field replaceable parts including the feedback device. Any repair or changes internally would have to be done at our factory.

Resolvers are in general more rugged feedback devices if their resolution is adequate for your application.

What is the application and how and what are the motors mounted to ( i.e. gearhead, other power transmission, etc. )?

What is the source of vibration and what is the magnitude?

What is the model of the motor in question? Also have any of the motors with the BISS feedback failure been sent back to Kollmorgen for evaluation?

We need to know more before we can make recommendations.


Cartridge motors mostly.
Mounted on punch press feeds
Ch052 motor
we did return one a while back price was almost the cost of a new motor customer went with a new one and didn't have time for the repair.
I have no way to check vibration levels, I just suspect it may be a problem. (I attached scope trace to the original message showing a feed experiencing shock forces from the stamping operation)
Customers need field replaceable components.

What is the problem with supplying parts ?
Are repairs still taking over a month ?

shadowcaster11 - Mon, 07/08/2019 - 15:07
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