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Automation of the AKD Drive with the programmable Multi-Axis Master PxMM and a Siemens S7-1200/1500 PLC with Profinet and TIA V13

The system covered includes a PxMM controller with up to twelve additional AKD drives.

All automation functions are handled in the PLC, the functionality covers the following:

  • Enable/disable of each drive separately
  • Execution of relative and absolute positioning (with changes on the fly)
  • Homing
  • Jogging
  • Reset alarms
  • Emergency stop
  • Activation of current limits
  • Fast input capturing (not tested so far)
  • Read and write of drive parameters
  • Setting of parameters via SD-Card

Each feature is enabled by specific bits and variables, capable of reading back status information and actual values dedicated to the functionality.

This manual is intended to help with the first steps and should allow to do some motion with a few simple steps.


PxMM control

The PxMM works as Gateway from Profinet to EtherCat. So all drives are connected as a EtherCat network, while communication to the PLC is Profinet.



AKD control

The axis control is done with one function bloc, which can be used as multi instance for each axis.