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Analog Output: Low Pass Filter Doesn't work

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So, I am using Kollmorgen servomotor with AKD Drive. The motor model is D081-12-1320. The driver model is AKD-P00606-NBCC-E000, with firmware version M_01-19-00-002. For communication, I am using Analog with position indexer.

In the analog output (Endat 2.1) there is a low pass filter that can be configured.

I am using MATLAB to work on the motor. I observed that changing the filter cutoff frequency in the workbench in the analog output, doesn't change the signal I am acquiring. The signal is still noisy. Is the filter only for workbench display purpose? Is the filter on the drive or only in the workbench software?

Though there is so much noise in the signal, the workbench volt output remains constant (when the motor is stopped) as if the signal is noiseless. What kind of filter is used?

I have attached the photo of noisy data I have acquired and the data displayed in the workbench. 



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Hello Santosh,

The low pass filter does seem to be working properly.   It looks like you are picking up EMI noise from the PWM of the drive.  The analog output signal provides no noise immunity, it is a single ended output.  To clean it up you will have to use shielded  twisted signal wires.  You can also try using ferrite beads to help reduce the noise. 



For communication I am using "Analog with position index". Can Ethercat solve this problem of noise?

Santosh - Sun, 02/23/2020 - 01:39
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