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AKM52K temperature sensor

Hi again all at KM

Again, I am with American GFM, machine tool builder of high speed ultrasonic cutting machines.

We are starting a new machine where 2 of its axes are using AKM52K-ANCNR-00 motors.

I am trying to configure the temperature sensor in Workbench.

Can anyone tell me which type of sensor is in this motor?

The only choice that works in the "Motor Temperature" screen is code #1 NTC

But all documentation I see says AKM2-7 motors use PTC sensors.

The thermal resistance is < 100 ohms, it does not seem to change much as the motor heats up.

We ran the axis aggressively today and the motor got very hot.

Measured with the thermal camera showed it to be 65 deg C

The ohms value at that temperature was 58 ohms (according to WB).

After the motor cooled down to room temperature, it only rose to 62 ohms (according to WB).

Also, what is the maximum temperature of this motor?


Steve Phelps

American GFM EE

Chesapeake, VA.





Joerg Muslewski's picture
Joerg Muslewski
According to the model number the motor is equipped with a PTC thermo sensor.
Please refer to the link below for PTC (switch) characteristics.
You cannot measure the temperature with a PTC because of its non-linear behavior.

Michael Brown_455's picture
Michael Brown_455
Per the Installation Manual, the knee of the curve is at 155 degrees C.  This is where the sensor resistor takes off, increasing.  You must elect to have a motor made with a linear thermal sensor, either PT1000 or KTY 84-130.  (This is all stated on page 16 of the AKM Installation Manual.)

Manual also stated max ambient is to be 40 degrees C, plus all ratings in the catalog are per a defined heat sink, not a heat source such as a gear box.