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AKMH Connectorized Version Introduction

AKMH “connectorized” version has been widely applied in many food & beverage and pharmaceutical plants, primarily for its convenience in installation and maintenance and shorter lead time. This note provides a detailed introduction in a FAQ format.

  • What connector types are available?
    • There are two types of connectors: single connector and dual connectors.
    • Single connector is available for motors to be connected with SFD (Gen 3) and DSL feedback devices, while dual connectors are for all feedback devices other than the two above.
    • Under each connector type, customers can choose “right-angle” or “straight” to fit their application.
      Right-Angle Connector Straight Connector
      image image
  • Is connectorized version offered as a standard product at Kollmorgen?
    • Most right-angle connectors are offered as standard.
    • Straight connectors are offered as specials through “EngDev” (Engineer Development).
  • Are connectors available for all frame sizes?
    • The table below shows the availability of connector types on different frame sizes.
      Connector availability on different frame sizes of AKMH motors
        Dual Connectors Single Connector
      Right-Angle Straight Right-Angle Straight
      AKMH2 image image (in line)
      Contact Application Engineers
      image image
      AKMH3 image image (in line)
      Contact Application Engineers
      image image
      AKMH4 image image image image
      AKMH5 image image image image
      AKMH6 image image image image


      a) Dual straight connectors are available “in line” on frame size 2 and 3 mainly due to the size constraint. Customers can contact Kollmorgen Application Engineers for details of the design.

      b) We don’t have a connectorized tubing version, hence “T”, “W”, or “G” options cannot be connectorized. For example, AKMH43E-ACWNCA5K cannot be switched to connectorized version.

  • What is the nomenclature for connectorized AKMH motors?
    • Part number for motors with right-angle connectors generally follows the nomenclature as follows:
      • AKMHXXX-XXAXXX0K (Dual right angle)
      • AKMHXXX-XXDXXX0K (Single right angle)
    • Straight connector version has a customized part number.
  • Where is the vent located on connectorized motors?
    • Right-angle connector motors: the vent is located on the connectors.
    • Straight connector motors: the vent is on the back cover.
  • Does the connectorized version have the same certifications and ratings as cabling versions?
    • Yes. The functionality, certification and rating are the same as integrated cabling version.
  • Is the connectorized version also rated as IP69K?
    • Yes.
  • What are the mating cables for connectorized AKMH motors?
    • Kollmorgen offers “WCJ” washdown cables for connectorized AKMH motors with AKD and “968933-XX” cables for motors connected with Kinetix 5500-5700.
  • Which customers are using connectorized versions?
    • The connectorized version has been used by leading OEMs and end customers in food/beverage processing industry. An example is a leading meat processor in North America which is using connectorized AKMH motors for applications such as meat slicing and animal skinning. The connectorized version has proven to meet the customer’s requirement on durability and hygiene.
  • What are the advantages of connectorized version?
    • It is easier to switch or repair motors without changing cables in case of problems with the motor only.
    • It is easier to handle, install the motors without cables.
    • Customers will be allowed to design high-flex applications, as the mating cables with connectorized motors are less stiff than the integrated AKMH cables.
  • What is the standard length of WCJ washdown cables?
    • 1 meter, 3 meters, 9 meters, 12 meters and 25 meters are standard options.
    • Other lengths are available too, but may have a longer lead time.
  • Where can customers get the details spec of the cables?
    • Kollmorgen Application Engineer Team is ready to support on connectorized motors and mating cables. North American customers can reach out to KCS (Kollmorgen Customer Support) for more information.
      • Telephone: +1 - 540 633 3545; Email: [email protected]
      • Please contact local Kollmorgen Customer Support teams if the customer is outside North America.
  • Where can I get pricing information about connectorized AKMH motors and mating cables?
    • Pricing for motors is available through Quoting Assistant (QA).
    • You can also refer to Price List, effective March 21st 2018, for pricing information on both motors and cables.


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