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AKM / AKM2G insulation

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A customer asks me if AKM/AKM2G servo motor the insulation is designed for at least 1000 V

From some other motors manufacturers, I find some data about this level of insulation and the condition tests :



Do you have this kind of data for AKM/AKM2G motors?

I find on KDN some data about cable (

And so, it seems that the standard insulation level is more 600 V ...

Thanks for your answer.

Best regards.



1 Answer

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AKM/AKM2G motors are hi-pot tested at the factory a total of three (3) times during production and final testing.  Motor maximum voltages are in the catalogs, and vary depending on motor or motor windings.(This includes the AKM Low Voltage offering, seen on the web site.) 

HI-POT testing is a destructive test.  It is not to be conducted after shipment, and will void the warranty if the winding is weakened/broken down after repeated tests. 

Insulation Resistance Testing (A.K.A. "Megger testing") is an option, but there is no factory data to relate to as this is not part of factory testing.

The AKM Manual does not require/suggest this testing.  If it is felt that this is warranted, please contact Kollmorgen - Germany with specific part numbers and why such testing is desired.

AKM/AKM2G Manuals attached.


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