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AKI2G & AKI-CDC Feature Comparison | 30 Aug 2017 | |

AKI2G & AKI-CDC Feature Comparison

Is there a document which compares the features of the new AKI2G-CDA, AKI2G-CDB  and AKI-CDC HMI terminals?  Need to have a chart to easily understand the differences.

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toddevans01 said ...

toddevans01 |

The short answer is there is no all-encompassing chart/datasheet.

The long answer is:

The AKI-2G datasheet downloadable on our website does a hardware comparison chart between AKI and AKI-2G HMIs.

You’ll notice the available sizes have changed, number of ports, etc.

The AKI-CDC is still available and will not be offered in the AKD2G platform at this time.



Here is the hardware comparison from the datasheet:


My understanding is from a software standpoint the move to the AKI-2G version of KVB is mostly transparent.

Prior to the AKI-2G it was necessary to rebuild a project; for example if you developed the project in KVB 1.0 you couldn’t conveniently import it into KVB 2.0.

The AKI-2G version of KVB allows you import your old KVB projects into the AKI-2G version of software and it will automatically redimension/convert it for you. In detail: A new version of KVB has already been released and you can find it online at (along with legacy releases if you ever need to connect to a much older HMI that is out in the field). The new version not only supports the new hardware panels but also the legacy CDA and CDB models. Since we do not charge for the KVB software and is online feel free to share with anyone. Since it has a full featured simulator built in that will actually communicate modbus it is great to share with potential customers since they can test it without purchasing any hardware.


The new service pack 2 release of KVB that supports the new panels is backwards compatible to any other version of KVB2. This means that any project developed with an earlier version in the twos such as 2.0, 2.10, 2.15, etc. will allow you to open a project and it will automatically be converted to the 2.20 software. You cannot go the other way around though, so any changes you make with 2.20 cannot be saved and then opened with an earlier version of software.


Converting a project is done the exact same way it always has been done in KVB software. Previously you could switch between the different sizes and hardware types (CDA, CDB, CDC) of a project and it would automatically resize and convert for you. You can still do this today in KVB and now the new hardware part numbers are included. In the Project tab of KVB, you can click on the Settings option in the ribbon menu to bring up the Properties screen shown below. You can click on the Target type drop down menu to see a list of all the part numbers that have been supported by any KVB2 software version and you can change to a different one and click OK to start the conversion process. It will recommend to back up the original project just in case things go wrong in the conversion but this has never happened to me.



I compared some of the pinouts and they look similar between same size AKIs ( i.e. 7” ).

Because the port number has changed I recommend referring to the Installation manuals for the AKI2G ( at the link above ) and on the KDN for AKI ( first gen ) to make comparisons. For example:



As a test, I also checked the cutout dimensions ( I chose the 7” CDA for example ) and found the cutout dimensions were different. Therefore that should be reviewed and compared per the models you are comparing.







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