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AKD2G and power data confusion

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I look the data about AKD2G, and I am a little bit confused with Power data.

Let's take the AKD2G-6V06S in 240 Vac.

We could read in the commercial datasheet a continuous current of 6 Amp and a Typical Shaft Power of 2 kW



Well, I am rather happy if I look the DC bus power (for 240 Vac)   :   6*240*Sqrt(2) = 2036 Watt


But when I look on the manual, we could read : (chapter an output power for 3*240 Vac at 1.25 kW


Which value is OK ????

It seems that 1.25 kW is the power in case where the AKD2G is power supply directly in 340 VDC (with 4 Amp in this case)

But when the drive is power supply in 3*240 Vac, we have for the power input : P = Sqrt(3) U I = Sqrt(3) * 240 * 5.3 = 2203 VA





Could you please clear this point ?

Thanks a lot.

Best regards



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