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AKD, using CANopen, each and every start results in an EMCY 'Fieldbus synchronization lost' while communicating withing configured limits.

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We are using Kollmorgen Servostar (600 and 700 series) with CANopen without any problems.
Recently we have begun to move to the AKD series, this is the first device to start with and I can't get it to work on CANopen.
Then AKD which works fine with the workbench but wil just not start on CANopen.
On CANopen it is possible to communciate with de AKD and to read/write any setting that is required, except starting the application.

For this description the application is in position mode, using nodeguarding and not heartbeat.
The CANopen master is sending SYNC telegrams, all four TxPDO's and RxPDO's are configured.

This is (in short) what happens on start application: (details taken from a CAN bus dump, see below for more details.)
 Statusword  = 0x0250
 Controlword = 0x06
 Controlword = 0x07
 Controlword = 0x0f
 EMCY 0x8780
 Statusword  = 0x021f

This pattern is very fixed and repeatable, independent of PDO usage, nodeguarding or heartbeat configurations.

I cannot explain the EMCY message and would like some advise on it.
I assume a configuration error at CAN/CANopen level because there is no problem when starting the application in the workbench with the same application settings.
I have checked all kind of things and I'm stuck, I do not now where to look.

Some more details:
The CANopen master runs on a PC and is realised with IXXAT hardware and software.
Logging the CAN bus activities is done with Minimon, an IXXAT tool.
The raw log is available in 'AKD 20200820T1635.CSV' (the field seperator is a ';' due to Dutch culture settings).

An annotation of the raw log is done with a self made tool which repeats the raw data, annotates the CANopen protocol and OD activities.
A unique 'record number' is added at each line, all naming and descriptions in the annotation are based on the CANopen protocol and the AKD EDS file.
It is much easier to understand text than to think about bits. ;-)

Details about the actual test:

The system contained exact two devices and one listening tool:
 - CAN master (CAN id 1) with SYNC time and SYNC window of 50 msec and nodeguard settings of 250 msec, lifetime of 4.
 - AKD (CAN id 2)
 - Minimon (listening only)

The procedure for the test was:
 - AKD switched on, connected to the CAN bus.
 - Start minimon and trigger a 'reset all' on the CAN bus, the AKD repies but the CAN master is not yet started.
   (records 1 and 2, reset given at 31 seconds into the log.)
 - Start the CAN master, which after some initialisation time starts with sending SYNC messages.
   (starting from record 58, 58 seconds into the log.)
 - In the application that controls the CAN master
    * make connection with the AKD.
      (record 133, 1 minute and 1 into the log).
    * Configuring PDO's, not using any of the predefined configurations.
    * read profile and the manufacturer details (done on each reset action)
      device profile='DS402:EDS for AKD servodrive'
      Vendor-ID='Kollmorgen Europe GmbH Software-Entwicklung'
      Product code=858796109
      Revision number=1966080
      Serial number=2571731280
      (records 262-269, 1 minute and 2 seconds into the log).
    * three times trying to start the application, each time failing with an EMCY message
      First attemt starting at record  496, 1:05.110, EMCY at record  504, 1:05.154
      Second attemt         at record 1049, 1:11.953, EMCY at record 1057, 1:12.004
      Third attemt          at record 1511, 1:17.529, EMCY at record 1519, 1:17.573
 - Stop the CAN master, no more SYNC messages
   (last SYNC at record 2155, 1:30.333)
 - A 'reset all' from minimon
   (record 2156, 1:39.383, the AKD replies as expected.)

My observations:
- The CAN master is sending SYNC messages every 50 msec, as configured.
- The CAN master is polling the AKD with Nodeguarding messages.
  First at record 292, 1:02.180, next at record 309, 1:02.430, and every 250 msec as configured.
- There is regular SDO and PDO traffic.

Still, when the the status is changed to 0x0f an EMCY 0x8780 follows which acording to the AKD CANopen Communications manual is 'Fieldbus synchronization lost'.
How is that possible while the device is comunicating with the CAN master well within the configuration settings?

Has anybody seen this before and maybe have some advice on how to cope with this?

Kind regards.


1 Answer

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Kollmorgen Europe in Ratingen, Germany is aware of your issues and will assist via your distributor Dynamic Drives.

These issues are beyond the scope of the KDN Community Q&A.



I'm stuck, how can I get some assistance for this problem?
What is exactly 'beyond the scope'?

Kind regards,

Andreas - Wed, 08/26/2020 - 00:56
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