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Endat 2.2: Inter-compatibility with various encoder types

In October 2016, an inter-compatibility test was performed together with the company Heidenhain. In this event, the AKD was tested successfully with various types of Heidenhain Endat 2.2 encoders.

Please find the tested devices in the following table:

Device type Name
Probe AT 1218
Linear encoder, open LIC 2000
Linear encoder, open LIC 4000
Linear encoder, closed LC 415 FS
Encoder EQI 1131
Encoder EQN 1135 FS
Encoder EQN 1337
Encoder ECN 125
Encoder ECN 1325
Encoder EQN 1337
Encoder, inductive EQI 1331 FS
Encoder, inductive EBI 1135
Angle encoder RCN 8310
Angle encoder ECN 225
Angle encoder, open ECA 4000
Encoder ECI 4010


  • The AKD FW version used for this test is v1.15.
  • The Endat 2.2 encoders have been connected as primary feedback on X10 connector.
  • Further special encoders options (settings) have not been part of the test.