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AKD TCP/IP to PC | 07 Mar 2018 | |



Our customers want to control AKD with a PC using TCP / IP.

(Not using PDMM or PCMM).

I found the manual on the web.(Kollmorgen AKD EtherNetIP Communications Manual EN Rev G)

Can I receive coding examples?(Customer's request)

ex) Motor enable command.

Thank you

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jcoleman02 said ...

jcoleman02 |

Mr. Kang,
All of the AKD drives support Telnet on the X11 port. All of the AKD drives, with the exception of the Profinet drive (NBPN option), support Modbus TCP on the X11 port.

The AKD can support one Telnet connection and up to three Modbus connections at the same time. Any of these connections can be a direct connection between the drive and another device. Or they can be connected through an Ethernet switch or hub.

The connection is based on the IP address and subnet mask.

For telnet, the commands are ASCII and are the AKD drive parameter names, such as DRV.EN, DRV.DIS, etc. The list of parameter names can be found in the Workbench help file and also in the Parameters screen in Workbench.

For Modbus, the commands are the Modbus address numbers that are assigned to each drive parameter. Look up each parameter that you want to use in the help file and see the Modbus information for that parameter.

There are articles on the KDN site about using Telnet with Hyperterminal and about Modbus communications.

JGKANG said ...


Thanks to you, my thoughts are clear.

jcoleman02 | Wed, 03/07/2018 - 19:37

Mr. Kang,
Ethernet/IP is a fieldbus communication protocol used most commonly with Allen Bradley PLC's. It is only available as the "EI" option on the AKD-Pxxxyy-NBEI-0000 drive. Ethernet/IP is different from the Telnet protocol that is use by the Workbench software for configuring the drive. The standard TCP/IP communication on the AKD drive is Telnet.

The parameter name for enabling the drive is DRV.EN. You can send this over Telnet or from the Workbench Terminal screen.

Are you wanting to use Telnet (standard ASCII over Ethernet TCP/IP? Or do you want to use the Ethernet/IP fieldbus?

JGKANG | Thu, 03/08/2018 - 01:06

Nice to meet you.
Thank you about workbench protocol.(Telnet)
First reply, We using Telnet (standard ASCII over Ethernet TCP/IP)With AKD X11 port.
And below Question.
1. Is it possible to control with the X11 port's modbus and access via Telnet?
2. Is the Modbus of X11 a direct connection to the HMI like the "PROFACE"(already tagged)?
3. If we use Telnet, can we send commands like DRV.EN to ASCII code?
Thank you..

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