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AKD Status Word:MT and Homing update

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When communicating to the AKD via Telnet, is the status word guaranteed to be updated when commanded to perform a Home or Motion Task before the next Telnet command is processed?

For example, If I start a motion command, and it is already at or near that position, it can complete before I send the next command (typically DRV.MOTIONSTAT).  If it is guaranteed that the status bits have updated, then I can assume that the next call to the AKD will reflect accurate information, and if it is not in motion, then the motion command has completed....



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The AKD can only process Telnet commands at a rate up to about 20ms.

If the homing move is short enough to complete within less than 20ms, then there is not enough time to read DRV.MOTIONSTAT during the move. Therefore, you will not see a status indicating that motion is active and home has not yet been found.


Start homing via Tenet command
The move starts
The move completes within 20ms
The next Telnet command is to read DRV.MOTIONSTAT, which indicates that homing is complete.

You don't know for sure if homing was run, because the home done and home found bits could already be ON from a previous homing move.

There is no drive parameter/command to manually turn off the home done and home found bits. The only way is to reboot the drive, or to start homing and make it not complete somehow.

Manual handshaking or position verification can be done to see if homing was run and completed successfully.

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