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AKD Spring Clamp Connectors

All Revision 9 and almost all Revision 7 AKD Control boards use Amphenol 3.5mm connectors for X7 and X8.
Both the header and the mating connector are bespoke items from Amphenol. Phoenix numbers for spring clamp connectors are:

Location Phoenix
Power board X1 FMC 1.5/3-ST-3.5
Control board X7,X8 FMC 1.5/10-ST-3.5
I/O option board FMC 1.5/8-ST-3.5
I/O option board

FMC 1.5/14-ST-3.5

Almost all supplier connectors will fit, an exception being Weidmueller. Note only Amphenol connectors will engage the retaining nuts, so It is recommended to buy connectors without retention screws.