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AKD Smart Feedback Fault

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Hello, when I connect an AKM servo motor to the servo drive I get AKD Fault 408: “Smart Feedback Device configuration fault” both in the hexadecimal display of the drive and in the Kollmorgen software Workbench.  Workbench is recognizing the motor model automatically and the specifications seem correct.


I verified the continuity in the cables with a multimeter and found no problems. I tested the motor and drive with other cables (same models) and the error persisted. 


I have another set o motor + drive of the same models and I tried to connect them the same way but I get exactly the same fault. This made me think that maybe the problem was with the Workbench version and so I tested with different versions ( and in different PCs. 


Here are the models of the components:

Servo motor: AKM33H-ANCNC-00

Servo drive: AKD-P00606-NAAN-0000

Smart feedback cable: VF-DA0474N-01-0

(Power cable: VP-507BEAN-01)


I hope you can give me some other suggestions on what could be the problem or what I may be doing wrong. The remedy suggested by Kollmorgen is "Return to manufacturer for repair" but I  just what to see if there is another option before sending it. I find it very strange that two separate systems that worked previously start getting the same error just because I disconnected them briefly.


Thank you!



Hi Ines,
The issue shouldn't be workbench related as this is only the configuration tool for the drive.
Following your explanation it's not clear to me either where to look for the root cause at first.
A test could be to disable the motor auto set and the feedback auto identify. And see if this changes anything. Beside that I guess the discussion is on what has worked, what have you changed and what other circumstances are now different. But I guess this forum then isn't the best place for such a discussion. I would recommend you get in touch with the supplier of your equipment or the local Kollmorgen technical department.

Martin Rupf - Tue, 10/29/2019 - 01:58
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2 Answers

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You have an old hardware version of the AKD drive, and cannot use firmware not Workbench newer that about 1.14.xxxxxxxxx.  No way should you utilize

Also, the cables you are using are NOT designed to flex, but are to remain stationary.  Ensure you have the correct cables for the application.  Connecting the drive/feedback cable to a spare motor (with a SFD feedbcak) will confirm if the cable is in working order.



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Hello Ines

I have attached a drawing of your VF-DA0474N-01-0 feedback cable, I recommend you check the feedback cable's connections fore continuity to dtermine if the cable has a bad connection.  Save your current AKD parameter file  to somewhere on your computer.  Then you can default your AKD drive to the factor defaults to see if that gets rid of the SFD faults.  Your local Kollmorgen distributor should have an AKD demo, they can evaluate your motor and feedback cable with it.  

 Use this link to find your local Kollmorgen Distributors:


Kenny Hampton


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