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AKD Safety


  • Safe electrical separation, as per EN 61800-5-1, between the power input / motor connections and the signal electronics (see page Insulation Strength).
  • Soft-start, overvoltage detection, short-circuit protection, phase-failure monitoring.
  • Ready to Operate (relay contact)
  • Safe Torque Off (STO), SIL 2 according to IEC 62061 "PL d" according to ISO 13849-1, see page Safety Concept AKDSistema Library. AKD 48A has dual channel STO, SIL3 according to IEC 61508-2.
  • Temperature monitoring of the servo amplifier and motor (if our motors and prefabricated cables are used).
Device EN 13849-1 EN 61800-5-2 PFHD (1/h) TM (Years)
Input STO-Enable PL d, Cat.3 SIL 2 1.50E-07 20
Function Operation Mode ISO  13849-1 IEC 61508-2 PFH [1/h] TM [Years] SFF [%]
STO single channel PL d, CAT 2 SIL 2 1.88E-07 20 89
STO dual channel PL d, CAT 3 SIL 2 5.64E-09 20 87
STO dual channel with periodical testing PL d, CAT 4 SIL 3 5.64E-09 20 87