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AKD S7-300 Sample program communication problem.

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I have downloaded the "AKD STEP 7 PROFINET Sample Project" from the Kollmorgen Website. Im trying to follow the manual from here p.67-69. 

But connecting the AKD drive to S7-300 is giving me trouble.

I can ping and blink the AKD. I'm using the GSDML-V2.1 and have also tried the V2.2 without success. The IO Cycle is set to Fixed Factor 128. The PROFINET IO IP of the AKD is with a router on the AKD Node is assigned IP address via IO controller. I get an error on BF2 and SF on the PLC.

The hardware diagnostics file is attached as "Diagnose.txt"

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1 Answer

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Make sure the name of the AKD drive is set exactly the same in Workbench and in Step 7.  The PLC identifies the drive by the IP address and the name.  Workbench allows changing the name of the drive.  Set it and save it in Workbench.  Then set it to the same exact name in Step 7 hardware configuration.

That is the only advice I can think of for you.  It's been a very long time since I used Step 7.  If you have more difficulty, I suggest directly contacting our Application Engineering team in Germany.  Contact info is on our website.


Thanks a alot! This solved the problem

Gabriel - Mon, 03/30/2020 - 23:17
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