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AKD quick stop. activates on an edge. can this be set to a level instead ?

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Hi there .

Currently on my AKD drives I have a quick stop input DIN6.  The quick stop function is however only activated on an edge. ( rising or falling dependent on the invert level of the input.  could this be changed to operate on a level high or low instead?. I cant find any mention of edge or level in the user guide manual.

I can find reference to a DS402 Quick Stop option code on the web.. not in your manuals, and I have this as default 2.

Thank you for all your help




Also when the quick stop input DIN6 goes active the servo stops but its still enabled , where as if I change bit 2 in the CONTROL WORD (DS402) 6040sub00 ( quickstop ) it stops and the power to output goes off.
toggling the input I can see it in the workbench changing state, but it has no effect on the CONTROL WORD (DS402) should it not change bit 2 ???
Thanks for any help

Adam Phipps - Fri, 01/08/2021 - 04:14
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