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AKD Profinet / the PLC does not discover the AKD

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I have a problem with 2 AKD in Profinet. The Siemens PLC does not discover the slaves.

I ask to the customer to set the gateway to, to do a factory default (so the name of the drive is no-name), but no improvement...

It is not the 1rst time that I find some difficulties to discover the AKD on the ProfiNet Network.

Is there a method to avoid such situation ?

Thanks a lot.

Best regards


1 Answer

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The AKD Profinet drive requires two things for establishing Profinet communication:
1. the IP address
2. the drive name (Profinet Device Name)

In the AKD, the drive name is used for the Profinet Device Name. If you do a factory default reset, that will change the drive name to "no-name", causing the name to not be valid for communication.

The Siemens 1500 and 1200 PLC's with TIA Portal have the ability to assign the Device Name to the AKD drive directly from TIA Portal. Right click on the AKD device in the Device View and select "Assign device name". It will search based on the PN network and the IP address.

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