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AKD with profinet ,read actual position by modbusTCP

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I have a AKD driver AKD-P00606-NBPN-0069,in service mode,can I read actual position  or write  "1" to DRV.EN by modbusTCP?

another question ,  the same driver , in analog mode ,  I want to enable the motor by hardware enable , so I set"1=software enable when driver power on" in the "enable/disable"meau and save ,but  when driver power on again,the software enable  always is not ok  ,can I do like this?


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Hi Victorymorn,

About Modbus TCP:

The AKD-Profinet is the only AKD drive so far that doesn't support Modbus TCP, as this part of the chip is fully occupied by the Profinet Stack. You can find the information on the Modbus landing page or there is a specific supported protocol list for all AKD types available here.

About the enable:

To enable the drive STO, Hardware enable and Software enable must be set. To control the AKD only by HW signals there are basically two options.

  • Use an additional input to set the software enable. OR
  • Set the Software enable to TRUE by default. To do this set DRV.ENDEFAULT 1 and to avoid that errors can reset this condition FBUS.PARAM05 4.

The full explanation can be found here.



Thanks for your reply.

another question , my driver(AKD-P00606-NBPN-0069) is in analog mode now, I also can read actual position or other register by
profinet,is that right?

victorymorn - Thu, 10/17/2019 - 17:58

This is correct.
The operation mode doesn't influence the reading form the drive.
But only how the set values are expected and interpreted

Martin Rupf - Fri, 10/18/2019 - 06:55
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