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Valid for AKD-M (AKD PDMM)

The AKD PDMM Drives have a two digit plus a one digit display on the front. Status, faults and warnings are shown there.

Two digits display (AKD Display)

        no 24V supply voltage

 o   2 

Standard operation (Position)

 F   1-0-1- 

F = Fault (example number F101, see table AKD Fault Messages)
 n    1-0-1-  n = Warning (example number n101, see table Warning Messages)

During operation, the drive display show the drive status as follows:

Status Display Comment
Normal operation   o    2  0 - Opmode "current"
1 - Opmode "velocity"
2 - Opmode "position"
Fault   F    1-0-1-  (scrolls) See table AKD Fault Messages
Warning   n    1-0-1-  (scrolls) See table AKD Warning Messages
Drive enable     .   decimal point

One digit display (PDMM Display)

24V supply voltage off
24V supply voltage on
  I-P...  IP address
Operational - no application program running
Operational - application program running
  r  Recovery Mode
  E-1-2  scrolls E = Error (example number E12, see table Alarm and Error Messages AKD PDMM)
  A-1-2  scrolls A = Warning (example number n12, see table Alarm and Error Messages AKD PDMM)

Button B3 starts the Menu function