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AKD Parameter FB1.ENCRES Setting for Linear EnDat 2.2

When using a linear EnDat 2.2 encoder as primary feedback in general the resolution will be always automatically taken from the encoder and calculated based on the pole pitch of the linear motor.
The internal calculation for this setting is stored in FB1.ENCRES.

The calculation is done with the following rule:

FB1.ENCRES = (motor pole pitch) * 2^(32-numclks)/(encoder resolution)
e.g. if we have a linear motor with a pole pitch of 32 mm and an linear EnDat 2.2 encoder, you can get the value for numclks by reading FB1.DIAG via the terminal.

in this example we are getting the following reading:

 EnDat (Digital/2.2 Mode)
 Designation: EnDat22
 Model Number: LIC 401
 ID Number: 651871 01
 Serial Number:   48054942 B
 Multi-turn Bits: 0x000c
 Turns: 0x0000
 Num Clocks: 0x0024

Take care, the reading is a hex value (0x0024)--> decimal value 36

The encoder resolution is gíven by the selection of your measurment tape and reading head. (here: 1nm)

FB1.ENCRES = 32mm * 2^(32-36) / 1 nm = 2000000

Keep in mind, that this resolution is calculated automatically. If the resolution needs to be adjusted for EnDat feedback devices please refer to the article: "Manually setup FB1.ENCRES for EnDat feebdack devices"