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AKD-P00307 and EnDat 2.2 Feedback

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I've the following Drive:

FW Version: M_01-21-00-000

I've tried to connect the following Motor:

Feedback: EnDAT2.2 multiturn absolute 
I've attached the FB1.DIAG response in the attachment

In the feedback 1 (X10) Tab of the workbench i can see the feedback position and if i turn the motor 360° i can see this correctly on the dial graph.

But as soon as i enable the drive the following error occurs:

F403 EnDat Communication fault

What could be the problem about this failure and how can i fix this? As it looks that the feedback communication works correctly in the feedback Tab.


1 Answer

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As the drive faults when the power stage is ENABLED, look at this document.  Embedded in the document are links to suggested "best practices" in minimizing EMI interference. (Likely, you had to fabricate your own cables for this motor/drive combination.)



Thank you for the answer. It was as you supposed. After a few improvements of the cabling the feedback worked and I was able to control the motor perfectly.

mequadrat - Fri, 01/14/2022 - 00:23
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