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AKD-P00306-NBAN tool for Automotive application

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Dear Kollmorgen Team, 

we are using your product AKD-P00306-NBAN for testing our Steering angle sensor Module for the Automotive application. 
Is it possible to link the Kollmorgen tool/data to Vector CANoe Tool? 

The problem is that we are setting the speed and Angle in motion tasks window, and our ECU is calculating the angle and speed and communicating this via Flexray. And this Information sent from our ECU can be seen in CANoe Tool from Vector. 

So we are not able to check if our steering angle sensor is respecting the requirement from our costumer concerning the accuracy of the calculated angle and steering speed. 

What is the use of Emulated Encoder (9 pin) connector on the drive? 

Any Suggestions to use this tool? 

There are some Analog inputs and output pins in X7 and X8 connectors.. How to use these pins? 

I have few more questions. 

I just want to take the demo on the Kollmorgen tool to use it in a better way.. 

It would be helpful, If we can discuss these things in Online (Skype meting)? 

Thanks in Advance.  I am not sure, Whom we need to approach for these kind of queries. Please suggest.


1 Answer

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We do  not  have any experience with the CANoe Tool or Flexray Protocol. I did check on the internet to try to understand it in the general sense.

The model number given AKD-P-NBAN supports Telnet or Modbus TCP over Ethernet but other models support other protocols.

The AKD ( hardware dependent ) supports multiple bus choices for system optimization, including EtherCAT®, SynqNet™, Modbus/TCP, CANopen®, EtherNet/IP and PROFINET.

For example if your CANoe Tool supports CANopen then you could consider the AKD-P-NBCN ( Canopen protocol supported AKD ).

AKD nomenclature is described on page 194 of the Kollmorgen Automation and Motion Control catalog.

The AKD-P-NBAN itself supports analog torque, velocity, and position modes as well as electronic gearing and motion tasking either over Telnet or Modbus TCP or by preconfigured tasks and digital inputs.

In regards to the X9 connector on the AKD, per the AKD Installation Manual it can be configured as either an encoder input ( incremental for electronic gearing ), an encoder input ( either incremental or EnDat 2.2 for closing the position loop ) ,or an emulated encoder output ( EEO ).  In the case of the EEO, regardless of your motor's feedback type ( assumed at the moment to be connected as the primary feedback on X10 ), X9 can emulate an incremental encoder ( output ) and can go back to master controllers that support an incremental encoder as an input. Workbench sets the resolution of the EEO encoder input. You can review the AKD Installation Manual and reference p124, 141, and 145 for X9 as an input and also as an EEO. Workbench Help provides documentation on configuring X9. Refer to p152 for analog inputs and  p153 for analog outputs. Likewise Workbench Help documents how to configure these.

It isn't clear where you acquired the AKD drive from but I recommend for you to engage your local Kollmorgen distributor in regards to your

application and product selection. If you can indicate who your supplier is or if you need one please let us know where you are located.

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