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AKD Motion Tasking Over Modbus TCP

The AKD-P (indexing) drives have the Motion Tasking feature.  Motion tasks can be created, edited, and executed through Modbus TCP communication.  There is a proper sequence to use when editing a motion task.  It is easiest to create the task in Workbench, save it to the drive, and then just edit the necessary parameters through Modbus.


Sequence for editing a motion task:

1.Set MT.NUM to the number of the task to be edited.
2.Execute MT.LOAD (Through Modbus, write a non-zero value). This loads the task values into the MT parameters.
3.Edit MT.P, MT.V, MT.ACC, etc, or the 32bit version of these parameters over Modbus.
4.Execute MT.SET (Through Modbus, write a non-zero value).
If the MT.LOAD command is not used, MT.P, MT.V, etc. could still contain the motion task values from editing another task previously.  Keep in mind that when the MT.SET command is executed, whatever values that are contained in the MT parameters will be set into the motion task. 


The motion tasks can be executed using the MT.MOVE command through Modbus.  Write the number of the task to be executed to MT.MOVE.


Daniel Tian's picture
Daniel Tian

If we only have an AKD-B(base),it does't have a motion task function.So, how set the position loop parameter by motion bus?
And I found that PL.CMD command is read-only.