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AKD LED Display

Valid for AKD

The AKD Drives have a 2 digit display on the front. Status, faults and warnings are shown there.


        no 24V supply voltage

 o   2 

Standard operation (Position)

 F   1-0-1- 

F = Fault (example number F101, see table AKD Faults and Warning Messages)
 n    1-0-1-  n = Warning (example number n101, see table AKD Faults and Warning Messages)

Status messages

During operation, the drive display show the drive status as follows:

Status Display Left Display Right Comment
Normal operation
0 - Opmode "current"
1 - Opmode "velocity"
2 - Opmode "position"
See table AKD Faults and Warning Messages
See table AKD Faults and Warning Messages
IP address
(scrolls once)
(scrolls once)
 IP address (Example:
Drive enable  
 decimal point
Firmware download
Corrupted operational FPGA; resident FPGA is functional.
Firmware download
HW download (HW switch was pressed - Rev 3 and higher).
Firmware download
Corrupted operational FW.
Firmware download
SW download (download command was issued from the operational FW).
Firmware download
Loading image process is running.
Failure during firmware download
Failure during firmware download.
Special mode – burn-in