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AKD IP interpolated position mode. lags behind set value by 15 to 30 positions.

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The AKD drive is set up in interpolated position mode. The PLL is locked.

so why is the actual position some 15 to 30 positions behind the current set point.?

I would expect the actual position to lag a fixed number behind the set point. say 1.

On sync I get the current position and then write in the new set point every 2ms. ( timing is rock solid.)

because of this lag I am unable to use IP mode to generate an XY move  using two motors (with different gearing) as the straight line moves come out curved.

The motors are supplied with S curved positions no fast accelerations and all under 2000rpm.

What am I doing wrong in my set up ? I cant believe this is how Kollmorgen expect this mode to work. 

Thanks for any reply / help



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