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AKD IP interpolated position mode. lags behind set value by 15 to 30 positions. | 15 Sep 2021 | |

AKD IP interpolated position mode. lags behind set value by 15 to 30 positions.

The AKD drive is set up in interpolated position mode. The PLL is locked.

so why is the actual position some 15 to 30 positions behind the current set point.?

I would expect the actual position to lag a fixed number behind the set point. say 1.

On sync I get the current position and then write in the new set point every 2ms. ( timing is rock solid.)

because of this lag I am unable to use IP mode to generate an XY move  using two motors (with different gearing) as the straight line moves come out curved.

The motors are supplied with S curved positions no fast accelerations and all under 2000rpm.

What am I doing wrong in my set up ? I cant believe this is how Kollmorgen expect this mode to work. 

Thanks for any reply / help


Comments & Answers

MartinRupf | Wed, 09/22/2021 - 11:48

Hi Adam,
To me this sounds like your mixing the position lag of the mechanic with the position lag of the communication.

If you check PL.ERR does this number somehow reflect your lag?
If you move command with a similar move in local mode, is the PL.ERR the same?

If your answer is yes to this: I would assume the tuning of the axis isn't as you want it to be.

Regards - Martin Rupf, Oxni GmbH

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