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AKD Ethernet TCP/IP using.

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Dear Team.

Thank you for always surpport.

AKD Ethernet question...

We are going to use Ethernet TCP/IP.
I'm not sure if I should use the X11 Port or choose the "EI" feild bus option.
I will connect my PC and AKD.
Also, is Ethernet manual for RSLogix? (kollmorgen AKD EtherNet IP Communications manual xxx)
Please let me know to use ethernet TCP/IP.

If I were to use X11, or  "EI" option ..what would the communication speed be?


Can I use a router for multiple axles?


Thank you..



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Good afternoon! 

I am not an official tech support representative, but I can say with confidence that you can connect to the AKD from the PC via x11 to configure the servo amplifier and then control the motor connected to the AKD.
To do this, use the Kollmorgen WorkBench software.
As far as I know, fast ethernet is installed in AKD, which means the exchange speed is up to 100 Mbps.
And last, yes, you can use a router and even a regular ethernet switch to control multiple AKDs from one PC at once.

Good luck!

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