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AKD Ethernet IP to Omron PLCs

We have not tested Omron PLCs with the AKD Ethernet IP drive but have learned a few nuances from supporting customers.

  • Omron requires the use of our EDS file, available in the firmware zip file downloadable on the Kollmorgen website.
  • We have seen instances where on startup the AKD faults on F702 fieldbus communications loss.

The remedy was in the setup of the communications for the AKD drive in the Omron PLC. Note the following screen may appear different depending on your PLC hardware/software. The F702 was resolved by changing the Connection Type on the Inputs and Outputs from Multi-cast connection to Point to Point connection.


In addition to the AKD Ethernet IP Communications manual, see the AKD Ethernet IP Landing page for application notes. See the application note under the non-Allen Bradley controllers.

Since our add-on instruction library is exclusive to RSLogix5000 or Studio5000 software, non-AB Ethernet IP PLCs will need to use the methods detailed in the manual and in the application note.