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AKD Ethernet IP AKD_Start_MotionTask & AKD_Set_Motion_Task Block

This is a simple RSlogix 5000 AOI block that starts an existing Motion Task that is already existing in the AKD drive.  There is also a block to create MT at any MT number.


7/10/2019-updated the AKD_Set_MotionTask AOI from the previous v1.0 to v2.0. Changed MT.ACC, MT.DEC, MT.V, MT.P instances to 32 bit ( 4 byte ) instances. This allows MT.P to be set to negative values via the AKD_Set_MotionTask AOI.

7/19/2019-AKD_Start_Motion_Task 2.2
Changed IP status to be based on Profile In Progress it instead of not on target position. 
Added N.C. contact for No Profile In Progress status in addition to the existing on
target position status to unlatch the Start_Block bit of the control word.
This fixed the issue of the AOI running successfully once but then being immediately done and PC complete
before every executing the subsequent move.




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we improve with a odd library, but when accurs a error, the library Collapset ant put the bit ER alwys true.
Have you been any problem with them, I see than the error is for The attribute inside library Set attribute , in the rung of program consult de Axis.ResponseMsgType an this answer 16#40, an then set a bit ER to one.
Do you Know to save it?
best regards
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[email protected]
I corrected the block for the false ER bit and for a "lock up" condition when commanding an absolute move.