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AKD echo configuring

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Hello there!

How can i configure echo on the AKD servoamlifier?
On s300/s700 the PROMPT parameter helps me with it, but i can't find same parameter on AKD.
Can you help me with it, please?

This patameter important for me, because i track answer to sent command using echo.
Now AKD is giving only the prompt (-->) symbol for inputting data.
I can’t track which of the sent commands the answer is coming at the moment.

How do you track which of the sent commands the answer is coming at the moment?

Thank you!


1 Answer

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There is no equivalent PROMPT parameter in the AKD drive.
Normally, you send a telnet packet with your command as ASCII string to the drive. The drive will the respond with the value followed by "-->" if it's a read request or only "-->" if it's a write or a command that doesn't require an answer. The "-->" can be seen as a prompt to send the next command.
If you follow that scheme, it's clear which command the answer belongs to, because there's always only one command being processed at a time.
You must rely on the PROMPT --> 
Technically I think it is \r\n-->
\r is CR or carriage return ASCII char
​\n is newline 
It isn't clear to me what you are using to send the commands ( i.e. Visual Basic, Python, etc. )
My opinion is Modbus TCP is a more robust method of communications than Telnet commands from another master.
There are 3rd party companies that make ActiveX controls and other plug ins to allow software like Visual Studio to have Modbus TCP master capabilities.
We do not have examples of these to share.
The following link has a list of Telnet related application notes and articles.
If you are interested in Modbus TCP with the AKD the following is the primary support page as a supplement to the Modbus Fieldbus Manual built-in to Workbench Help.
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