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AKD Drive Models

Drive Types Code

Defines AKD, AKD PDMM, AKD Basic and AKD NSD.


AKD-B AKD-B = Base Drive
AKD-P = Motion Tasking Drive
AKD-T = BASIC Drive (not in Europe)
AKD-N = Near Servo Drive (NSD)
AKD-M = Multi Axis (PDMM)
AKD-C = CPS (centralized Power Supply)
006 Current Rating
003 = 3A
006 = 6A
012 = 12A
024 = 24A (not AKD-N)
048 = 48A (not AKD-N)
096 = 96A (not AKD-N and AKD-M)
010 = 10kW 17A @ 570V (AKD-C only)
06 Voltage Rating
06 = MV 120VAC/240VAC (1 or 3 phase)*  (not AKD-N)
07 = HV 480VAC (3 phase) (AKD, AKD-N, AKD-C only)
NB Option Card / Control Card
NA = No option card (rev 7) *NA is only supported with firmware versions 1.14 and under
NB = No option card (rev 8+)
IC = I/O option card
MC = Motion Card (AKD-M, AKD-C)

AN = Analog
CN = CANopen
EC = EtherCAT
CC = CANopen and EtherCAT
SQ = SynqNet
EI - Ethernet/IP Non RT
PN = PROFINET IO RT (Conformance Class A and B, CCA & CCB)S3
S3 = Sercos III

D Language Code
0 = Global English
E = UK-English
D = German
I = Italian
F = French
C = Chinese
K = Korean
J = Japanese
R = Russian
0 Power Board Variant
0 = Standard
        CPS => 2 strings and 24V supply voltage
1 = Used for a while to identify 100A modules fitted to HV24 drives

Current General Market Model Numbers and Supported Protocols

Model Number Telnet Modbus CANopen EtherCAT SSH  
AKD-Bxxxxx-NBAN-0000 Y Y       Base Analog
AKD-Pxxxxx-NBAN-0000 Y Y       Motion Tasking Analog
AKD-Pxxxxx-NBCN-0000 Y Y Y     CANopen
AKD-Pxxxxx-NBEC-0000 Y Y   Y   EtherCAT
AKD-Mxxxxx-MCEC-0000   Y   Y Y PDMM EtherCAT
AKD-Pxxxxx-NBCC-0000 Y Y Y1 Y1   EtherCAT / CANOpen
AKD-Pxxxxx-NBEI-0000 Y Y       EtherNet/IP
AKD-Pxxxxx-NBPN-0000 Y         PROFINET confomance class A and B
AKD-Pxxxxx-NBS3-0000 Y Y       Sercos III
AKD-Txxxxx-NBAN-0000 Y Y2       AKD BASIC Some beta units will be NA (using the rev 7 control card)
1 Selectable via DRV.TYPE
2 With BASIC language mapping.  The address mapping is different to the base drive (B and P models) mapping.