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AKD does not move after SetPointAcknowledge - Ethercat

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I'm using an instance of IgH Ethercat Master for Linux and we're facing the issue of not having the movement set through registers 0x607A, 0x6081, 0x6083 and 0x6084 - target position, velocity, accel, decel, respectively - executed, even after getting the acknowledge setpoint from bit 12 of StatusWord (0x6041), below is our sequence of operation, considering we already have the device enabled on Profile Position mode:

1 - write position data through 607A, 6081, 6083 & 6084

2 - Start motion with 0x3F in 6040

4 - Wait bit 12 of 6041 = 1

5 - Set 6040 to 0x2F

6 - wait a rising edge transition on bit 10 of 6041 - which means the movement has been finished

7 - eventually the movement does not happen, so execute steps from 2 to 5 again

We've noticed that this happen around 2% of time - most of movements are executed exactly as expected - we try to execute a movement and also noticed that on Workbench there is no warning regarding communication failure registered when this event happens. We are using Trapezoidal Motion Profile and also bit 5 of 0x6040 set just to ensure the movement get start the moment we apply a rising edge on bit 4 of control Word as described on RGM Canopen Manual but the problem is still there.

Has anyone already seem this behavior?


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