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AKD Command Source for Profinet

The correct command source to use for AKD Profinet communication depends on the operation mode (or telegram) that is being used.  The command source will be set automatically by the drive based on which telegram has been selected.

For Position Mode (Telegrams 7 or 9), use "Service" mode (DRV.CMDSOURCE = 0).  If you set the AKD to "Fieldbus" mode while the drive is in Position Mode, then the Profinet control word will not fully function, allowing it to enable the drive but not start motion.  Position Mode requires the command source to be in Service mode, because the actual motion command is being generated by the drive, internal to the AKD's command generator (motion tasking).

For Velocity Mode (Telegram 1), use "Fieldbus" mode (DRV.CMDSOURCE = 1).  This is because the motion command for velocity is actually coming directly from the master controller through the fieldbus.  The velocity command is not generated by the drive itself.