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Decentralized Drive System

AKD-C Central Power Supply
AKD-N Decentralized Servo Drive

The AKD-C Power Supply and AKD-N drives lie at the core of a decentralized drive system. Up to 16 AKD-N drives can be connected to one AKD-C central power supply. Hybrid cables are used to connect the AKD-C to the drives and to daisy-chain the drives. For more specific information about the individual components, see the AKD-C and AKD-N topics.

Current Firmware Version
Firmware Release Date December 2020
Current Hardware Revision (AKD-N) B
Current Hardware Revision (AKD-C) A
Hardware Release Date 01/01/2014
Part Number Scheme AKD-N (PDF)
See the WorkBench article for details about the software used to configure and manage the drives.

Frequently Asked Questions

During the installation, a dialog box saying “Please wait while the installer finishes determining your disk space requirements” appears and never disappears. How do I remove this box?

This problem is related to the MSI installer. You can resolve it as follows:

  1. Cancel the installation.
  2. Make sure that you have enough disk space on your hard disk (~500MB) to allow Windows .NET update if necessary. If you do not have enough disk space, then make additional space for the installation.
  3. Relaunch the installer (you may need to try this several times, the problem is random).

How do I restore communication with the drive if I have lost communication and the IP address in the drive is

First, check the LED on the RJ45 connector. If the LED is not illuminated, then no communication with the drive is possible. Possible causes for loss of communication with the drive include:

  • The network cable is disconnected.
  • A wiring problem exists between the drive and the network switch/hub.
  • The switch/hub is not powered.

If the LED is lit and the IP address on the drive is, then the most likely problem is that the drive hardware has not detected a valid link.

How do I view parameter information from Workbench screens?

There are two ways to find out about what parameter is behind a text box in Workbench.

  1. Right click on the text box and select Parameter Info from the menu. A popup appears next to the window selected. Note if you clicked the Help, you get taken to the page in the help system. Pressing F1 also does the same.
  2. Click the “Tell me more about this topic” link at the top of each page.

How long can the drive sustain a constant current above Icont before faulting?

5 seconds with Ipeak. Smaller currents can be sustained for longer periods. See Foldback Times.

How long does it take until foldback is totally recovered?

Up to 500 s depending on the active current. See page Foldback Times.

The drive is running rough and noisy after autotuning procedure. What can I do?

Autotuning of your application delivered unexpected results while tuning the current feed forward value. Please deactivate "Tune Acceleration FF" in the Workbench Performance Servo Tuner screen and restart the tuning.


What if I cannot connect to my drive using WorkBench, but I have been advised to download new firmware to the drive to fix the problem?

In most cases, firmware is downloaded using WorkBench without setting the hardware into a specific “download” state. If you need to download firmware, but are unable to connect to WorkBench, use the procedure described in Forcing the drive into firmware download mode in the Workbench help.

Why can't I see my AKD drive when I try to connect in Workbench?

If you are communicating through the Ethernet port at connector X11, you might not see your drive in the connect window for any of the following reasons:

  • Poor cable connection. Make certain you have a good connection between your computer and the drive by checking to see if you see a blinking light next to the connector (at each end).
  • Improper rotary switch setting. Make certain that the S1 and S2 rotary switches on the front of the drive are set to 0 (bottom position), unless you are attempting a point to point connection and your computer is set up to connect in this manner.
  • Conflict with another device that is networked to your computer (including your wireless connection). In some cases, turning off your wireless card will fix this. You can turn your wireless card back on after you establish communication with the AKD).
  • Improper TCP/IP settings. Make certain that the TCP/IP settings in the network port that you are communicating through are working properly.

Why can't workbench find my drive on the network?

See Device not Shown in the Workbench Help for a detailed discussion of this problem.

Why does the background color of some of the screens in Workbench appear gray?

This is because you are using the Windows classic theme. To get a white background you must change the theme that Windows is using.

To change the theme go to the Control Panel, select Display, select the Themes tab, and choose a new theme, such as "Windows XP".

Why does the connection on my PC say Limited or no connectivity available and display a warning symbol at the local area connection icon in Windows?

Although Windows displays this message and the limited functionality icon for the drive connection, your PC can communicate fully with the drive. This message and the icon are normal for an AKD to PC connection.




3rd Party Devices

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Connections and Wiring

Digital I/O


Emergency Stop

Encoders & Feedback


EnDAT 2.1

EnDAT 2.2



Expansion Cards

Faults and Warnings




Getting Started

Glossaries and Definitions

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Sample Programs



System Design


Transport and Storage



Blue Boxes: All components in the blue box are products delivered by Kollmorgen. For detailed information click to the product or use the table below for navigation.
Gray Boxes: Elements in the gray area are components which have to be added by the machine builder.


AKD-C AKD-C Power Supply
AKD-CN-Coupling Connector interface for cabinet wall (in process)
AKI Operating Console
AKT KAS Input and Output Terminals
BAR/BAS/BAFP Brake Resistor
Cx Cables Configured CC/CM/CF cables for connection of the components, refer to the cable part number scheme
DDL Linear motors (on request)
ENCP Ethernet cables
Gearhead Micron Gearheads
Heatsink Kit optional accessory for AKD-N
KAS-IDE KAS System Setup Tool
KCM KCM Capacitor Module
Redi Mount Adapters to mount Micron Gearheads to AKM motors
Workbench AKD Setup Tool