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AKD and Software Enable at Startup

The AKD has got the ability if it will be used as a stand alone drive to support the function software enable at startup.

This function is often used if you are commanding the drive via digital IO´s or in analog mode, where you cannot enable the drive via fieldbus.

To enable the functionality you have got two options:

  1. Go to the Enable/Disable screen in WB and enable Software enable at startup
  2. Use the Terminal and change parameter: DRV.ENDEFAULT from 0 -> 1

If the drive is an analog drive: AKD-P-XXXXX-NBAN the software enable will be activated at startup and stays active also the hardware enable goes low.

Some drive types like AKD-P-XXXXX-NBCC are in generally controlled via fieldbus. Therefor the control is responsible to enable and disable the drive.

If this drive is now used in e.g. analog mode or controlled by digital IOs and no fieldbus is active, the software enable at startup function is used.

In this case you will observe the following behavior.

The AKD powers up and software enable, software enable at startup activated -> software enable is given and drive can be enabled by just adding the STO and hardware enable.

In the case that the hardware enable will be removed now, the software enable will be deactivated as well and stays low. This means by applying the hardware enable again, the drive cannot be fully enabled again.

This behavior is based on the fact, that in general this drive type will be controlled by an external control.

In order to ensure that the software enable stays active as soon as you remove the hardware enable there are two options:

  1. If you are controlling the drive in analog mode: start Workbench, go to the communications tab and change the Device Type to Analog
  2. Go to the terminal and set Bit 2 of FBUS.PARAM05 (if the old setting of this parameter was 0 before, set it now to 4.

Afterwards save and restart your drive and the software enable remains active after using the hardware disable.