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AKD and S700 Vibration Specifications

The AKD Installation Manual, the S700 (S701-S724) Installation Manual, and the S700 (S748-S772) Installation Manual all show a vibration specification as "CLASS 3M1 According To IEC60721-3-3".

To further clarify, the following information is extracted from a table in the IEC document that covers all the different Classes.  The non-stationary shock spectrum is in a graphic in the IEC document.  It would have meaning for someone doing the test.  In general most customers just need to know that it is the type L spectrum:

Class 3M1

  • Stationary vibration, sinusoidal:
    • Displacement amplitude: 0.3mm @2-9Hz
    • Acceleration amplitude: 1 m/s2 @9-200Hz
  • Non-stationary vibration including shock
    • Shock response spectrum type L, pk acceleration: 40 m/s2
    • Shock response spectrum type I, pk acceleration: none
    • Shock response spectrum type II, pk acceleration: none