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AKD with analog output

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Hi I would like to ask a question, I have a DAQ (Data acquisition ) and an AKD Komorgen. I am writing a Python script. The Python script is for communication and data exchange between AKD and DAQ. The DAQ records the actual speed of the AKD. I connected the analog output (X8 ) of AKD to the analog input (AIN0) of the DAQ. How can I now send the actual speed from AKD to DAQ ? If this is simply done with the command AOUT.MODE 1 then everything will be done automatically or what else should I program ? 
does the analog output X8 give the signal in Volt ? should I scale in deg/s ? if I have a voltage of +/- 10 V  
Thank you very much, I hope for an answer. 



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If you click on the Learn more about this topic? link in Workbench on the Analog Output screen then you can get parameter definitions and functionality descriptions related to the Analog Output. There is a chart there that shows the different values and functions for AOUT.MODE.

AOUT.MODE 1 is Velocity Feedback ( VL.FB ). There is also a mode 11 which is the VL.FB but through a 10Hz filter ( VL.FBFILTERED ) . In some cases if the velocity feedback is too noisy users have elected to used the filtered version but this is application dependent and up to you.

The AOUT.VSCALE is in the velocity units set on the Units screen. For example if the velocity units on the Units screen is set for RPM then the AOUT.VSCALE on the analog output screen will be in RPM/V ( RPM per volt ). If you change the units to deg/s then the scaling will be in deg/s/V. This is up to you and also application dependent. There are some other settings on the analog output screen which can be reviewed in Workbench Help.

I hope this helps!


Thank you so much for you answer , if i set the Value "1" to AOUT.MODE , which Value are there in the Output , because i wire the Analog Output from the AKD to the Input of the Data acquisition , so i think the Input of the Data Accquisition can only understand the Value in Volt
so if i want the Value in Output of AKD in volt , the only thing i do is set AOUT.MODE to 1 , right ?
After i got the Volt-Value from the DAQ , i will scale it to the deg/s
did i think right ?
Thank you so much

knight1504 - Wed, 11/20/2019 - 12:52

It will be extremely hard to understand if you don't look on the analog output screen in Workbench online with the drive.
So let us assume the velocity units on the Units screen in Workbench is set to RPM.
Next on the analog output screen I use the list box for Analog Output Mode to select 1-Actual Velocity.
In the field for Scale the units will show RPM/V because of the units on the Units screen.
As an example I set the scale value to 300 RPM/V. This means at 3000 RPM the output will be 10VDC. At 300 RPM there will be 1VDC output.
This is true in the negative direction as well ( i.e. -3000 RPM = 10 VDC output ). This is just an example. You have to scale it to what makes sense for your application.

toddevans01 - Wed, 11/20/2019 - 13:15
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