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AKD-1206 vs PCnetwork card / TwinCAT - synchronization/command issue (spikes) | 17 Mar 2023 | |

AKD-1206 vs PCnetwork card / TwinCAT - synchronization/command issue (spikes)

Hello Together,

We have been facing an issue where the command signals are interrupted/spiked (randomly, though more-or-less deterministic).

Drive: AKD-1206
Control: natural PC network card
SW: TwinCAT via EtherCAT interface

We tested with different synhron params, but the failure is stable.

We replaced networkCard to a temporary (external) NI-PXI real-time controller:
failure also appears, although with change any timing params we could eliminate the problem,
but PXI not the originally planned tool for application.

Anybody has similar phenomenom recently?

I am pretty sure that a network card should control the drive via Twincat properly.

//might be an option to consultate with an expert from Kollmorgen???




20220920.png (85.63 KB)
20220920_3.png (53.7 KB)
param02.png (245.95 KB)
TwincatDC_01.PNG (301.96 KB)
TwincatDC2.PNG (25.31 KB)

Comments & Answers

I Gibb | Wed, 03/22/2023 - 11:53

Hello Please check the attached step by step guide and pay attention to the distributed clock.

I Gibb | Wed, 05/24/2023 - 11:36

Hello, We would suggest you first get in touch with your oem / distributor for support about this topic. Having said that please see attached.

I Gibb | Fri, 06/02/2023 - 09:17


as mentioned please send all information and I would suggest some screen shots  to distribution and have them contact us., Thanks

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