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Add resolver frequency to AKD User Guide

In the next revision of the AKD User Guide (P/N 903-200006-00), add the following note at the end of section Resolver (p.76):

(link to AKD User Guide:

(Only the information between the horizontal lines is to be added to User Guide.)


The manual makes clear that non-Kollmorgen standard resolvers are not supported, but the added note lets those interested know the frequency used, while also stating that it is not customer-settable/changeable.


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Thanks Bill, this will be in the next revision.
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Why do we make such a BOLD statement that non Kollmorgen resolvers are not supported?  It says now: "Currently, the AKD does not support non-Kollmorgen standard resolver options." Can't it say instead something like: "Although non-Kollmorgen resolvers are not supported, most should work fine." I have many Moog, Allen Bradley, AEG, CSM, Parker, SEM servos running fine with their resolvers on AKD.....