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About the F531 Power Stage fault.

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This is Ryu Seung Hyeon from GMS.


The customer uses the following combination:

DRIVE : AKD-B1206-NBAN-000000



F531 fault occurred during setup, the customer replaced it with a new drive as the manual said.


I was informed that the new drive caused the same fault during setup.


I am writing because I am curious about the cause of the fault.

Attached is a drive parameter file.

Please check.


Thank you.


1 Answer

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The F531 fault is a Power Stage fault, meaning there is a short circuit in the output motor power stage of the drive.  It can be a phase to phase short or a phase to ground short.  The short circuit could be in the drive, in the cable, or in the motor.  You can check the cable and motor by disconnecting them from the drive and measuring resistance between each motor phase and ground.  The motor phases should have the specified winding resistance.  Phase to ground should be open circuit.  Make sure the motor power cable is wired correctly to the drive, since a motor phase wire connected to PE will cause this fault.


Can that fault occur in any other way?
The customer says it worked fine until the fault.
When checking the motor resistance, there is no problem with the motor and the cable.

Ryu - Thu, 08/22/2019 - 19:01

It could be a failure in the drive. Or it could be an intermittent failure in the cable or motor depending on how the cable is bent or temperature of the motor.

jcoleman02 - Fri, 08/23/2019 - 05:22
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