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Abbreviation English Area
AF Fuse, fast Drive
AGND Analog ground General
AL Application Layer: the protocol that directly used by the process entities.  
AM Fuse, medium Drive
AT Fuse, slow Drive
B10d Number of cycles until 10% of the components fail with caused danger Safety 
BTB/RTO Ready to operate Drive
C Duty cycles (per hour) of electro-mechanical devices Safety
CAN Fieldbus (CANopen) CAN
Cat Category – classification for cables that is also used in Ethernet. Cat 5 is the minimum required category for EtherCAT. EtherCAT
CCF Common cause failure Safety
CE Communité Europeenne General
CLK Clock signal General
COB Communication Object CAN
COB-ID Communication Object Identifier CAN
COM Serial interface for a Personal Computer General
DC Distributed Clocks Mechanism to synchronize EtherCAT slaves and master CAN
DC Fault diagnostic coverage Safety
DCavg Fault diagnostic coverage (average) Safety
DGND Digital ground (for 24V and digital I/O) Drive
Disk Magnetic storage (diskette, hard disk) General
DL Data Link, also known as Layer 2. EtherCAT uses Ethernet, which is standardized as IEEE 802.3. EtherCAT
EEPROM Electrically erasable programmable memory General
EMV Electromagnetic compatibility General
EtherCAT (ECAT) RT Standard for Industrial Ethernet Control Automation Technology EtherCAT
FPGA Field Programmable Gate Array General
F-SMA Fiber Optic Cable connector according to IEC 60874-2 EtherCAT
FTP File Transfer Protocol General
HFT Hardware fault tolerance Safety
HW Hardware General
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol: Mechanisms for signaling IP errors. EtherCAT
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission: The international standards General
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. General
IGBT Insulated-gate bipolar transistor General
ISO International Standardization Organization General
ISO/OSI Model ISO Open Systems Interconnection Basic Reference Model (ISO 7498): describes the division of communication into 7 layers. EtherCAT
LED Light-emitting diode General
LLDP Lower Layer Discovery Protocol EtherCAT
MAC Media Access Control EtherCAT
MB Megabyte General
MDI Media Dependant Interface: Use of connector Pins and Signaling. EtherCAT
MDI-X Media Dependant Interface (crossed): Use of connector Pins and Signaling with crossed lines. EtherCAT
MII Media Independent Interface: Standardized interface between the Ethernet controller and the routing equipment. EtherCAT
MTBF Mean time in standard operation until fault occures Safety
MTTF Mean time to failure Safety
MTTFd Mean time to failure that cause danger Safety
MTTR Mean time to repair Safety
NI Zero pulse Drive
NSTOP Limit switch for CCW (left) rotation Drive
OSI Open System Interconnect EtherCAT
OUI Organzationally Unique Identifier – are the first 3 Bytes of an Ethernet-Address?, that will be assign to companies or organizations and can be used for protocoll identifiers as well (e.g. LLDP) EtherCAT
PC Personal computer General
PDI Physical Device Interface: a set of physical elements that allows access to ESC from the process side. EtherCAT
PDO Process Data Object CAN
PDU Protocol Data Unit: Contains protocol information transferred from a protocol instance of transparent data to a subordinate level EtherCAT
PELV   Drive
PFH Probability of failure per hour Safety
PFHD Probability of dangerous failure per hour Safety
PHY Physical interface that converts data from the Ethernet controller to electric or optical signals. EtherCAT
Ping Frame that verifies whether the partner device is still available. EtherCAT
PL Performance level Safety
PLL Phase Locked Loop EtherCAT
PSTOP Limit switch for CW (right) rotation Drive
PTP Precision Time Protocol in accordance with IEEE 1588 EtherCAT
PWM Pulse-width modulation Drive
RAM Volatile memory General
RBext External brake resistor Drive
RBint Internal brake resistor Drive
RBrems / RB Brake resistor (= regen resistor) Drive
RES Resolver Drive
ROD Digital encoder (A quad B) Drive
RSTP Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol EtherCAT
RT Real-time, can be run in Ethernet controllers without special support. EtherCAT
RT Frames EtherCAT Messages with EtherType? 0x88A4. EtherCAT
RX Receive CAN
SBC Safe Brake Control Safety
SBT Safe Brake Test Safety
SDI Safe Direction Safety
SDO Service Data Object CAN
SFF Safe failure fraction Safety
SIL Safety integrity level Safety
SILCL Safety integrity claim limit Safety
SLS Safely Limited Speed Safety
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol EtherCAT
SOS Safe Operating Stop Safety
SPI Serial Peripheral Interface EtherCAT
SPS Programmable logic control General
Src Addr Source Address: Source address of a message. EtherCAT
SRECS Safety related electrical control system Safety
SRP/CS Safety related part of a control system Safety
SS1 Safe Stop 1 Safety
SS2 Safe Stop 2 Safety
SSR Safe Speed Range Safety
STO Safe Torque Off Safety
STP Shielded Twisted Pair EtherCAT
T1 Lifetime of proof test interval Safety
T2 Diagnostic test intervall Safety
TCP Transmission Control Protocol EtherCAT
TM Mission time Safety
TX Transmit CAN
UDP User Datagram Protocol: Non-secure multicast/broadcast frame. EtherCAT
UTP Unshielded Twisted Pair EtherCAT
V AC Alternating voltage General
V DC DC voltage General
VDE Society of German Electrical Technicians General
XML Extensible Markup Language EtherCAT
XML Parser Program for checking XML schemas. EtherCAT
ZA Drive Acces mode Drive EtherCAT
ZA ECAT Access mode EtherCAT EtherCAT
ß Susceptibility to common cause failure Safety
λ Failure rate Safety 
λd  Failure rate with dangerous faults  Safety
λs Failure rate with undangerous faults Safety