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Warnings and Fault Messages

Valid for S300, S400, S600, S700


Faults which occur, but which do not cause a switch-off of the amplifier output stage (BTB/RTO contact remains closed), are indicated in the LED display on the front panel by a coded warning number.
Possible reasons and countermeasures are described in the Online Help (Appendix Trouble Shooting)

Number Description Explanation
n01 I²t I²t threshold exceeded
n02 Brake power Reached preset brake power limit
n03 S_fault Exceeded preset following error limit
n04 Response monitoring Response monitoring (fieldbus) has been activated
n05 Supply phase Mains supply phase missing
n06 SW - limit switch 1 Software limit switch 1 underrun
n07 SW - limit switch 2 Software limit switch 2 overrun
n08 Motion task error A faulty motion task was started
n09 No reference point No reference point (Home) set at start of motion task
n10 PSTOP PSTOP limit-switch activated
n11 NSTOP NSTOP limit-switch activated
n12 Motor default values loaded Only for ENDAT or HIPERFACE® :
discrepancy between motor number saved in the encoder and the amplifier, motor default values loaded
n13 Expansion card 24V DC supply for I/O expansion card not ok
n14 Sincos Feedback SinCos commutation (Wake and Shake) not completed, will be canceled when amplifier is enabled and Wake and Shake carried out
n15 S300/S700: Reserve
S400/S600: Table error
S300/S700: Reserve
S400/S600: Fault according to speed/current table INXMODE 35
n16 Summarized warning Summarized warning for n17 to n31
n17 Feldbus Sync CAN sync is not logged in (SYNCSRC <> 0 ?)
n18 Multiturn overflow Max. number of motor turns exceeded
n19 Motion task ramps are limited Range overflow on motion task data
n20 Invalid motion task Invalid motion task / GMT data
n21 PLC error For details see PLC code, customer specific
n22 Max. motor temperatur reached The user can shut down the process before the temperature eror will interrupt the process immediately
n23 S300/S700: Sin Cos feedback
S400/S600: Reserve
S300/S700: Warning level reached
S400/S600: Reserve
n24 S300/S700: Digital I/O
S400/S600: Reserve
S300/S700: Configuration is not logical
S400/S600: Reserve
n25-n31 Reserve Reserve
n32 Firmware Betaversion Firmware is an unreleased beta version

Faults (errors)

Any faults that occur are shown in coded form by an faults number in the LED display on the front panel. All faults messages result in the BTB/RTO contact being opened, the output stage being switched off (motor loses all torque), and the holding brake is activated.Possible reasons and countermeasures are described in the Online Help (Appendix Trouble Shooting)

Number Description Explanation
D U F Dual Use Firmware

An AL-3A225 (ECCN 3A225) export classified firmware cannot be uploaded to a non Dual Use amplifier. A firmware labeled with "_ND0" must be used.

Error Message F01 Heat sink temperature Heat sink temperature too high limit is set by manufacturer to 80°
Error Message F02 Overvoltage Overvoltage in DC bus link, limit depends on the electrical supply voltage
Error Message F03 Following error Message from the position controller
Error Message F04 Feedback Cable break, short-circuit, short to ground
Error Message F05 Undervoltage Undervoltage in DC bus link, limit is set by manufacturer to 100V
Error Message F06 Motor temperature Motor temperature too high or temp. sensor defect, limit is set by manufacturer to 145°C
Error Message F07 Internal voltage supply Internal amplifier supply voltages are out of tolerance
Error Message F08 Overspeed Motor runs away, speed is too high
Error Message F09 EEPROM Checksum error
Error Message F10 S300: Signal Failure X5
S400/S600: Flash-EPROM
S700: Reserved
S300: Signal failure X5 (cable break or similar)
S400/S600: Checksum error
S700: Reserved
Error Message F11 Brake (motor) Cable break, short-circuit, short to ground
Error Message F12 Motor phase Motor phase missing (cable break or similar)
Error Message F13 S300/S700: Ambient temperature
S400/S600: Internal temperature
S300/S700: Ambient temperature too high
S400/S600: Internal temperature too high
Error Message F14 Output stage Fault in the power output stage, wrong motor cable or shield not connected
Error Message F15 I²t max. I²t maximum value exceeded
Error Message F16 Supply BTB/RTO 2 or 3 phases missing in the mains supply feed
Error Message F17 A/D converter Error in the analog-digital conversion, normally caused by extreme electromagnetic interferences.
Error Message F18 Brake Brake circuit faulty or incorrect setting
Error Message F19 S300/S700: DC Bus Link
S400/S600: Supply phase
S300/S700: DC bus link voltage breakdown
S400/S600: A phase is missing in the mains supply power feed (can be switched off for 2-phase operation)
Error Message F20 Slot fault Slot error (hardware fault on expansion card), see parameter ERRCODE
Error Message F21 Handling error Software error on the expansion card
Error Message F22 S300/S400/S700: reserved
S640/S670: Earth short circuit
S300/S400/S700: reserved
S640/S670: Earth short circuit
Error Message F23 CAN Bus off Severe CAN bus communication error
Error Message F24 Warning Warning is displayed as fault
Error Message F25 Commutation error Commutation error
Error Message F26 Limit switch Homing error (machine has driven onto hardware limit switch)
Error Message F27 STO Operational error with STO, input for STO-Enable  and ENABLE have been set at the same time.
Error Message F28 S300/S700: Fieldbus Error
S400/S600: External Trajectory
S300/S700: see ASCII command reference
S400/S600: External position profile generator created a step, that exceeded the maximum value
Error Message F29 Slot/Fieldbus Error Depends on expansion card, see parameter ERRCODE
Error Message F30 Emergency Timeout Timeout Not Stop
Error Message F31 S400/S600: Macro Error
S700: Safety Supervision
S400/S600: Macro program error.
S700: Safety card supervision monitors an error (see file Error Codes). The safety card error code message is given in the display with:
oXX : Safety Error Number
iYY : Safety Error Subindex
Error Message F32 System Error system software not responding correctly