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Supervision of Supply Voltage

Valid for S600

The servo amplifier S600 offers several supervision functions to detect mains phase loss (error F16) and to react upon mains under voltage (error F05). If in multi-axis systems not every amplifier has it's own mains supply connection or if an error message in case of low mains voltage is not appreciated (e.g. with DC direct supply), you must adapt the supervising functions to your needs.

ASCII Commands


Switch off mains phase supervision via a digital input x  (x = 1 or 2)


Absence of mains BTB/RTO signal produces an error message while enabling the output stage. If this behaviour is not appreciated, the supervision of the BTB/RTO signal can be switched off. This function can be used e.g. in case of DC supply.
w = 0 mains supply phase supervision active (default)
w = 1 mains supply phase supervision not active


Configuration variable UVLTMODE activates or deactivates the under voltage supervision. With active under voltage supervision the error message F05 is generated, as soon as the DC link bus voltage falls short of the under voltage level VBUSMIN.
u = 0 under voltage supervision not active
u = 1 under voltage supervision active (default)


Defines the low level for supervision of the DC link voltage. Falling ahort of this level genrates the error message F05 "under voltage". Supervising the undervoltage is only active with these presumptions:

  1. output stage enabled
  2. supervision activated UVLTMODE=1
  3. MAINSBTB/RTO function not active (OxMODE<>3)
  4. Supervision function not switched off via a digital input,  INxMODE=21 not active

Default value = 100
Dimension -> Volt