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Single Phase Operation

Valid for S300

Usage of full controller current at reduced DC link voltage.

The S300 in the 230V version (S3xx6) offers the possibility to use the drive in single phase operation. In single phase operation the electrical power of the drive is limited, because of higher peaks in the reload current of the DC bus capacitors, in comparison to 3-phase operation. The following table gives the maximum rated (Pn) and peak (Pp) power off single phase operation.

  S3036 S3066 S3106
max. Power Pn / W Pp / W Pn / W Pp / W Pn / W Pp / W
VBUSBAL 0 (115V) 423 704 423 704 423 704
VBUSBAL 1 (230V) 845 2535 1127 2535 1127 2535

Under the condition that the losses are very low, the electrical power of the motor is equal to the mechanical power and the following formulas are valid:

The necessary parameters have the following dimensions:


So the maximum current can be calculated as follows:

The following ASCII commands are important in the S300:

PMODE 0 Only with PMODE 0 the single phase operation in dependence of the speed can be used.
VLIM VLIM sets the maximum allowed speed in RPM
MKT Sets the motor torque constant.
VBUSBAL Sets the main voltage supply of the drive (0 @ 115V and 1 @ 230V).


S3036 in 230V single phase operation (VBUSBAL= 1 and PMODE = 0) in combination with a motor having a torque constant of 1.35 Nm / A
Data for single phase operation
speed (1/min) rated current (A) Peak current (A)
0 3 9.00
2000 3 9.00
2250 2.67 8.00
2750 2.18 6.52
3250 1.85 5.52
3750 1.60 4.78